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Signed Hardcover with Discussion Guide:

A Secret of the Universe: A Story of Love, Loss, and the discovery of an Eternal Truth $17.50 hardcover; 6 x 9; 576 pages with over 100 endnotes; ISBN 978-0-9793880-0-2 Also available at Amazon and other booksellers, but direct from publisher you get:

■ A first-run, hardcover copy signed by the author!

■ Free discussion guide hardcopy (saddle stitched)!

■ Free postage & handling! (USPS, domestic orders only)

Skeptic Magazine Special Offer:

Hardcover + DVD (see below for DVD product details): $18.95 for both! Includes free freight and the Discussion Guide, plus the DVD What We Know That Just Isn't So, which features interviews with:

■ James Randi ("The Amazing Randi")

■ Economist Stephen Moore

■ Sociologist Dr. Barry Glassner

audible download of A Secret of the Universe Download Truth-Driven Thinking exclusively through Audible:

These links will send you to world leader in audiobooks, Audible (supplier of A Secret of the Universe on iTunes also); Audible/iTunes is the exclusive publisher for downloadable audiobook versions of Steve Gibson's books.

(Look below to order a physical disc or bundle including the hardcover.)

Truth-Driven Thinking (softcover: ISBN 1-4208-2081-8)

$12.50 Should there be a virtue we hold higher than truth, however complex and elusive it may be?

This is the book that started it all! Journey through case studies and examples of our human tendencies toward emotion-driven thinking, ranging from simple beliefs in Santa Claus and psychic nonsense, to fears of crime waves and vaccine risks unfounded in science and reason. Beyond the entertaining anecdotes, Gibson illustrates the larger point that only by acting upon true facts, as opposed to untrue conventional wisdom, can we maximize goodness and minimize devastating unintended consequences.

Truth-Driven Thinking at Audible.comDownload Truth-Driven Thinking exclusively through Audible:

These links will to you to the world leader in audiobooks, Audible (supplier of Truth-Driven Thinking on iTunes also); Audible/iTunes is the exclusive publisher for downloadable audiobook versions of Steve Gibson's books.

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DVD companionWhat We Know That Just Isn't So:

$14.75 The Truth-Driven Thinking companion DVD (2 hrs 8 min)

The DVD features the full-length, exclusive interviews with Dr. Barry Glassner, Stephen Moore, and James Randi. This fascinating look into the work of these extraordinary researchers is compelling and riveting content, clearly demonstrating that conventional wisdom can be more conventional than wise. (The DVD also includes special bonus materials and illustrations that supplement the book!)


CD audiobookCD-Audiobook of Truth-Driven Thinking (physical product):

$19.95 (5 hrs. 14 min) Truth-Driven Thinking—unabridged audiobook.


■ Four audio CDs

■ Dowloadable exclusively through Audible

■ Free postage & handling! (USPS, domestic orders only)


Wristlet - "I'm a Truth-Driven Thinker"

$3.00 each

Quality fabric wristlet with adjustable clasp closure

Share with the world (and remind yourself of) the importance of taking action based upon truth (as estimated by science, reason, and evidence), rather than untrue conventional wisdeom or emotion-driven assumptions.


MP3 Audiobook on DVD Data Disc:

$20.00 (save $6.95) MP3 data files on 1 DVD (NOT a playable CD).

Hear the story come to life on your MP3 device, iPod, Zune, computer, etc. Unabridged and read by the author, one Data DVD contains all 37 chapters of the book in MP3 form. Running just under 22 hours, you won't want to leave your car/elliptical/lawnmower/desk/bike as you vicariously experience two friends' emotional journeys to distinctly different worldviews. Note: This is a physical product only. (You CAN DOWNLOAD the audiobook exclusively through and iTunes Store.)

■ Physical product DVD only

■ Dowloadable exclusively throughAudible

bundleBUNDLE: Audiobook + Signed Hardcover

Just $35 for both: MP3 Audiobook (on 1 DVD data disc) + signed hardcover

■ Physical product only

■ See description above for details on audiobook

■ Free postage & handling! (USPS, domestic orders only)


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