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Welcome to the Press Room.

Please call 866-383-4624 with questions/requests:

Color brochure about the book:

Hear Select Media/Radio Interviews (with permission):

—The Scooter McGee Show on KFKA talk radio in Northern Colorado. Right-click HERE and choose "save as" to download the 15.1 MB mp3 audio of the interview.

—The Bob Dutko Show on Detroit Christian station WMUZ. To download, Right click HERE and choose "save as"—for the 10.2 MB mp3 audio of the interview.

Skepticality - Hear the :45 minute interview with Stephen directly from their site, courtesy of the official podcast of Skeptic magazine - (episdoe #065!—also available through iTunes). Skeptic magazine is published by bestselling science author, Scientific American columnist, and popular media personality Dr. Michael Shermer. (See also Skeptic magazine's e-skeptic issue of Nov. 20, 2007.)

Armchair Interviews featured an interview with Steve about the book. Right click HERE and choose "save as" to download the 7.9 mb mp3 audio file of the interview.

High Res front cover image .jpg:

Author Photographs—Stephen L. Gibson:


Click thumbnail for high resolution .jpg images (or right click and choose "save as")

Endorsements, quotes, review excerpts:

—.PDF Acrobat document of reviews/quotes/endorsements - updated 3/2009

iTunes listener reviews of Stephen's podcast program:

—.PDF Acrobat document of iTunes listener reviews of Truth-Driven Thinking

Discussion Guide for A Secret of the Universe:

—the free, downloadable .pdf is designed to facilitate individual reflection or group discussion of the myriad, real-life issues raised by this provocative story about fallible human beliefs.

End Notes and Citations:

citations and references from the back of the book, in PDF format