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“A Secret of the Universe is a warm and inspiring story that offers a far deeper message than the other 'Secret' book so popular these days, but this secret is based in reality, always a good idea if you live in this universe and not some other! Read A Secret of the Universe and be prepared to be moved.”

—Michael Shermer, Publisher of Skeptic magazine, monthly columnist forScientific American

"Author Gibson takes the hard questions head-on and weaves multiple points of view, including the omniscient storyteller, allowing the reader enough distance to step out of the story and dig into the references in the back of the book. Fans ... will recognize the author's dedication to the quest for truth, and many readers who delight in a well-researched cautionary tale might find themselves dog-earing pages and taking notes as they enjoy the story."

—Carol Lynn Stewart, Foreword magazine (full review here)

"A fine and welcome novel of ideas on some of today's most pressing issues, well and thoughtfully written."

—Earl Doherty, author of The Jesus Puzzle and Challenging the Verdict

"Steve Gibson has given a wholly original spin to the age-old saga of the ‘hero’s journey’ which we all must face in one way or another. This is a timely tale with profundities and depths far beyond the scope of most—if not all—first novels. A must read!"

—Tom Harpur, Best-selling author of The Pagan Christ, journalist and former Rhodes Scholar

"Instead of electing to create what could have been a dry discourse on science and religion and how the two intertwine, Gibson has demonstrated his own personal journey through a story involving the friendship of two boys/men ... . Many people will be polarized by this book, but isn't that a healthy beginning to opening wide discussions about the very sources of thinking that have lead us to where we are in 2007? ... Gibson has done his research (and shares it in the appendices of this tome) and has successfully created a book that will challenge the reader no matter the end of the spectrum from which each reader begins this journey... . [The book] is thoughtful, challenging, and provides some good scholarship as practiced today as a bait for the author's very worthwhile truth-driven thinking. It will doubtless cause debate: it will hopefully provoke some thoughtful changes."

—Grady Harp, one of Amazon's elite "Top 10 Reviewers!" (Read Grady's full review here.)

"Thank you Stephen L. Gibson. You probably struck a chord with more people than you know. I have been waiting for this book for a very long time. I'm only sorry there are only five stars. I'd give it more!"

—Mary A. Phillips, Amazon Reviewer

"It is a story about ... the most important secret the world could discover. ... The writing is tight and brilliantly executed. ... I dare readers to pick up this book and read it with an open mind. You won't be sorry. I wholeheartedly recommend A Secret of the Universe."

—Heather Froeschl, author, editor, and book reviewer, (Read Heather's full review here.)

"My, oh my. What a unique and enthralling book. ... The world could not help but be a better place if we and our children read more books like this and fewer trivial, materialistic, megalomaniacal, or meaningless fantasies."

—Steven Ingersall, Reviewer for Blogger News Network. (Read Mr. Ingersall's full review here.)

"I would suggest that anybody interested in religion, critical thinking, or belief systems read this book. This character driven book was both thought provoking and entertaining. It certainly deserves a second read."

—M. Neall, Amazon Reviewer

"A Secret of the Universe is good, exciting, and entertaining fiction; and it contains a lot of surprising information, with plenty of references, that many readers may not be aware of. ... The novel is long, but would have to be long to adequately characterize the fictional people as well as expound the rationale Gibson wrote into the book. ... Read it for entertainment and information. But you might not agree with Gibson's conclusions."

—Maurice A. Williams, reviewer at (Read Maurice's full review here.)

"A book which came to mind while reading this was The Hamlet Syndrome: Overthinkers Who Underachieve by Adrienne Miller and Andrew Goldblatt. At the end of this book, they suggested the 'Hamlets' of the world were those who could open the eyes of the world to what was going on around them through espousing such principles as tolerance, curiosity, critical thought and skepticism, associative thinking, and seeing the consequences of actions. These, and much more, can be seen in this novel of 'love, loss, and the discovery of an eternal truth', and I daresay that Stephen Gibson is one of those 'Hamlets'. ... Using fiction, he takes us into the lives of believers and non-believers, to broach the subjects of religion, sex, philosophy, metaphysics, and other volatile subjects to help the reader see things from alternate perspectives."

—Michael Woodhead, TCM Reviews (see Woodhead's full review here)

"It is a very powerful personal story and an intriguing quest for one's religious philosophy ... and philosophy of life. I tried to eat all the 'tomatoes,' and I'm fascinated by what they taught me. I confess that originally I thought that aspect of the book wouldn't affect me. However, it has caused me to evaluate many aspects of my beliefs and consider how those of others can influence me. It subtly and masterfully delivers its punch."

—Michael LoPresto, Adjunct Professor of English, Western Michigan University

"The story was excellent. ... I found myself being educated about different beliefs through the discussions in the story. I learned how people explain their beliefs that the earth is only 6,300 years old. ... The questions contained in the study guide are very thought-provoking and could lead to some very stimulating conversations within study groups. I highly recommend that this book be read by readers on a quest for the truth. A Secret of the Universe will help direct them on their path."

—Paige Lovitt for Reader Views: "reviews, by readers, for readers" (9/07). Read the entire review here (.pdf form)

"... the style is good so that the reader's attention is held for the many hours that the book takes to read. ... Strongly recommended, especially to Christians to get a wider perspective of the world. Readers of other religions too will find the book interesting since fundamentalism is not confined to any one religion but is a basic trait of human nature."

—SV Swamy, book reviewer, author, and editor from Hyderabad, India--also a physicist, a metallurgist, and Quality Management expert (see Swamy's Book Reviews).

"An astounding and admirable achievement. ... [It] absolutely demands discussion."

—Dr. Larry Schlack, Associate Professor Emeritus at Western Michigan University

"The information provided within this book is staggering and extremely eye-opening, and you will have to stop once in a while to digest all the information, but it will make you see things that you might never have thought of. You will get upset with some of the views he explores, and you will sometimes feel like throwing the book across the room and stomping on it. Do stick to it until the end though, and you will understand it better when you do ... ."

—Betty Wong, reviewer for Blog Critics Magazine, Malaysia. (Read Betty's entire review here.)

"It is a well-plotted story and could easily stand as a standard story of two boys growing apart because of different views on life, but the really intriguing part of the book is the presentation of the 'secret of the universe' as seen through the eyes of science and reason. These ideas will shock some people, especially the traditional Christians, but the author has presented the views (which I assume are his) in such a way that one could hardly avoid looking at the ideas objectively. Whether the reader rejects some or all of the ideas, this is a book that will cause some serious thinking. It was an intriguing read."

—Willie Elliot, book reviewer for (See Ms. Elliot's full review here.)