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Free Discussion Guide

(Download the .pdf here):

Welcome to the official Discussion Guide companion to Stephen Gibson's novel, A Secret of the Universe: A Story of Love, Loss, and the Discovery of an Eternal Truth.

Whether you seek deeper personal reflection on the story, or are participating in—or facilitating—a discussion group about the book, the Discussion Guide will open the door to what some are calling this "Trojan Horse" of challenging and thought-provoking ideas.

This guide will help you discover the full range of important ethical and worldview issues raised by this provocative story, whether for a church group, freethought association, or book club. A printed, saddle-stitched booklet of the Discussion Guide is INCLUDED with hardcover purchases here at our store.

The free Discussion Guide is a PDF download. To save the file to your hard drive, you can right click the link and select "save as." (You may also download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader if you need it.) Special thanks to Reverend Billie Dalton for his assistance with this document.

Citiations from the Book (in .pdf)

You may also download the rich endnotes and citations from the story here.