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Podcast and Audiobook:

The above podcast contains select chapters of the unabridged audiobook, as well as some supplemental interviews and information about the story. (Explore scores of FREE audio programs from Steve Gibson at or at iTunes.)

Hear the story as the author intended:

Read by the author, you can hear the story come to life on your MP3 device, iPod, Zune, computer, or similar listening device. Unabridged and read by the author, there are 37 MP3 files--on one data DVD--containing all 37 chapters of the book (as well as front and back matter).

You can order your audiobook on physical disc HERE at our store, or download it exclusively through and iTunes.


Running just under 22 hours, you won't want to leave your car/elliptical/lawnmower/desk/bike as you vicariously experience two friends' emotional journeys to distinctly different worldviews. (Remember, these are quality .mp3 data files on a data disc, and this is NOT a playable audio CD--with the notable exception of the few DVD players capable of playing .mp3 files). For your individual listening convenience and pleasure, this version is also free from the encumbrance of DRM, thought still copyrighted (2008), with all rights are reserved.